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    Diane Haeger ~ Courtesan


    Diane Haeger ~ Courtesan

    Beitrag von Gast am Do 01 Mai 2008, 14:57


    Author: Diane Haeger

    Paperback: 576 pages
    Publisher: Three Rivers Press (CA); Reprint edition (25 Jul 2006)
    ISBN-10: 1400051746
    ISBN-13: 978-1400051748
    Price: € 11,99


    Author Notes

    Diane Haeger is the author of four previous historical novels, including "The Ruby Ring" and "My Dearest Cecilia".

    She lives in California with her husband and family.


    Amid the disapproving gossip of the Court, a royal romance defies all obstacles.

    The Court of François I is full of lust, intrigue, and bawdy bon temps—a different world from the quiet country life Diane de Poitiers led with her elderly husband. Now a widow, the elegant Diane is called back to Court, where the King’s obvious interest marks her as an enemy to the King’s favourite, Anne d’Heilly. The Court is soon electrified by rumors of their confrontations. As Anne calls on her most venomous tricks to drive Diane away, Diane finds an ally in the one member of Court with no allegiance to the King’s mistress: his teenage second son, Henri.

    Neglected by his father and disliked by his brothers, Prince Henri expects little from his life. But as his friendship with Diane deepens into infatuation and then a romance that scandalizes the Court, the Prince begins to discover hope for a future with Diane. But fate and his father have other plans for Henri—including a political marriage with Catherine de Medici. Despite daunting obstacles, Henri’s devotion to Diane never wanes; their passion becomes one of the most legendary romances in the history of France.

    My Opinion

    This is the ardent story of a King of France, Henri II, and his mistress, Diane de Poitiers.

    Initially, Henri and Diane meet as friends, until, one day, their passion inflames … Diane is perfectly aware that it is wrong to have an intimate relationship with someone nearly half her age, but she feels the pull of her soul to his. The love they share is unique. Eventually, Henri finds himself married to another woman, Catherine de' Medici, as the ruler of his country. Nonetheless, he wants Diane by his side—through highs and lows.

    Diane Haeger uses their real love letters, breathing life into history and reanimates a vivid scenario of the French court, particularly of the debauchery during the reign of Francois I. The rich tapestry of characters, both real and fictional, is exquisite. They are presented with their flaws and virtues. While Diane [de Poitiers] is clearly the heroine of this treatment.

    Touching—(sometimes) a bit too melodramatic for my taste. If you can cut through the romantic sap, though, you'll probably be mesmerised. Tragic and beautiful.


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    Re: Diane Haeger ~ Courtesan

    Beitrag von Pooly am Do 10 Jul 2008, 16:02

    That sounds great, dear Kristina :)

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